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Halloween spooks at Kuramathi


Halloween this year is not for the faint hearted at Kuramathi (http://www.kuramathi.com/), where the spooks and chills begin on the eve of Halloween with a very special two day program.

The frights emerge on the 30th of October at “Bageecha”, with the Crafts & Arts workshop; the first activity on the list that would transform the Kids Club into a terrifying haunted house.

After the scary alteration of the Kids Club (http://www.kuramathi.com/kidsclub/concept.html) into a horror house it would be a host to a number of fear-inciting games such as Scoring the Spider game – where the objective is to capture a hand-made spider using a glass with a quick sleight of hand, and Hunting Halloween monsters – a search for hidden Halloween silhouettes scattered throughout the island, where an award is presented to the one who discovers the most.

Old school pastimes return on the program as well, like the Horror Storytelling; the exchange of scary stories in a circle, sending shivers down your spine! And of course Trick or Treat is on the frightening agenda as well, where little monsters go on a rampage to grab candies and goodies all over the island. The march ends at the Havana Club, as the little monsters celebrate with their yummy possessions over a party, while singing to favourites on the Karaoke!

Little guests, who are staying with us during Halloween, will get an invitation card before the events start so that they come prepared to join the spooks and to spread the Halloween fever.

Are you terrified yet?!


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