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Hainan Airlines: New nonstop flights to Italy, Australia and Japan from the historic city of Xi’an

On November 11, 2015, a promotion meeting for new Hainan Airlines international air routes was held at the Westin Xi’an, announcing the three nonstop flights from Xi’an to Rome, Sydney and Tokyo to be inaugurated in December. The event laid a foundation for the upcoming sales of these markets.
Hu Yi, Director of the Marketing Department of Hainan Airlines, delivered an opening speech. He briefed the guests on the basic information of the three new international air routes, and also proposed to strengthen the cooperation between Hainan Airlines and the local channels of Xi’an, with a view to emphatically solving the concerns and challenges in the first-line sales of these channels, effectively making it more convenient for the residents of Xi’an to enjoy outbound tourism. Joint efforts will be made to build Xi’an into an important international hub in northwestern China.
Following Mr. Hu, various staff members of the Business Department in Xi’an gave a detailed introduction to the schedules, aircraft, flight time and destination airports of the three new international air routes, as well as the current network of Hainan Airlines’ international air routes and a series of international products designed accordingly.
This successful promotion meeting provided good publicity to the new international air routes from Xi’an and promoted the local channels of Xi’an to obtain more detailed and accurate information on our new nonstop flights and effectively pushing forward the upcoming sales work.
There was also a hot Lucky Draw activity during the promotion meeting. The award winners went up onto the rostrum to shake hands and take a group photo with our leaders, creating a warm and pleasant atmosphere. Finally, all the guests present joined in a toast to a great success in the sales of the three direct international flights and a better future!


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