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Guizhou deploys telescope, high bridges


Chinese province uses wonders to attract Europeans
The mountainous province of Guizhou in southwest China is hoping to promote its natural and technological attractions including a large radio telescope and a series of high-level bridges, to lure more foreign visitors.
Leading a 40-strong tourism delegation to Europe, the deputy governor of Guizhou, Lu Yongzheng, said they were looking to promote the 500-metre Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST), which opened last September.
The world’s largest telescope, FAST is located in an area unaffected by manmade light. A visitor viewing platform currently under construction will soon enable astronomy-based tours at the facility.
In a presentation to the travel trade in Madrid, Lu said that the province would also promote a series of new high-level bridges, built specifically to open up the remote province.
“We now have five of the 10 highest bridges in the world, including the first, third and fourth,” he said.
Improved accessibility will also help to open up Guizhou to eco-conscious tourists, especially from long-haul markets such as Germany, Li hopes.
Guizhou Tourism Development Commission’s director general, Li San Qi, believes these attractions will enhance the province’s image as a destination for natural landscapes and diverse ethnic groups. He told TTG Asia: “This new infrastructure provides a very different experience for visitors. We want to combine this technology with the beautiful scenic areas we have.”
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