Home News Guests saved as resort falls into sinkhole

Guests saved as resort falls into sinkhole


Large section of luxury Florida resort vanishes

Guests ran from their crumbling luxury resort yesterday as a sinkhole more than 30 metres wide opened up without warning. A large section of the Summer Bay Resort near Orlando, Florida, quickly vanished while other parts of the resort’s structure cracked and leaned towards the hole.

Around 40 guests had only 10 or 15 minutes to escape from the time they first heard cracking noises until the buildings went down. There were no injuries, but many had to leave everything in their rooms behind.

Sinkholes are common in Florida due to its geological formations of limestone, which are water soluble and susceptible to what geologists call ravelling.

The resort is located near Disney World and around 4,500 guests were staying there at the time. Many of the displaced guests have been moved to other units on the property.


[pictured: Summer Bay Resort before the sinkhole destroyed it]


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