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Greenland capital about to boom


Strategy to double Nuuk’s population begins
The most important town in Greenland, Nuuk is a national centre of gravity. Home to 17,000 people, it is about to get much bigger.
New housing estates, a stadium, an airport extension, a new port and the nascent mining industry are all expected to rapidly expand the town’s importance and population.
Nuuk now accounts for 30% of the country’s total population. This could reach 50% by 2030.
Growth projections forecast Nuuk’s population to grow to at least 22,000 by 2031, a figure that does not take into account unforeseen initiatives.
New residents will include foreigners coming to work for firms setting up in Greenland. A 1,200-unit housing development with waterfront view is planned at Siorarsiofik.
Nuuk’s overall goal is 15,000 housing units. An adjacent site could host a second development, while a kilometre-long tunnel, a new national gallery and a covered outdoor football pitch are also planned.
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