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Green Globe certifies Club Med Aime La Plagne and Club Med La Plagne 2100 in France


Green Globe has announced certification of Club Med Aime La Plagne and Club Med La Plagne 2100 in France.

The two properties are located in the alpine valley of the Tarentaise, Savoie, in the popular ski destination La Plagne.
All Club Med villages ensure an ecologically and socially-sustainable management, covering aspects such as waste management and recycling, eco-responsible purchasing, resort accessibility for handicapped people, and contribution to the local community. Club Med´s goal is to provide the foundation for each of its villages that supports each employee at the respective resort to take responsibility for sustainable management in his department and his everyday actions.
Major achievements for the two Club Med villages Aime La Plagne and La Plagne 2100 during the Green Globe certification process were the implementation of a management and storage system for chemical products and the replacement of cleaning chemicals with eco-certified products, as well as a significant improvement of the hotels´ waste management, including traceability documentation of dangerous waste.
Pascal Oriez, Green Globe Coordinator of Club Med Aime la Plagne and Club Med La Plagne 2100, said: “Our local suppliers and the public service in town, which manages waste and recycling processes in the ski area, helped us a lot with our waste management. Public service representatives came by the clubs several times in order to train our staff and provide posters for different waste categories.”
Mr. Oriez added: “We are very proud to receive the internationally-renowned Green Globe Certificate. We are now working on how to communicate this achievement and our green practices to our guests. We want to be creative and are thinking of ecological quizzes or information in workshops.”
Both Club Med Aime La Plagne and La Plagne 2100 are also working on partnerships with ski area institutions to help protect the wetlands of La Plagne. All Club Med resorts respect the culture and natural beauty of their host countries and promote local traditions, as well as actively contribute to preserving the natural environment. With regard to human resources, Club Med resorts favor an approach of cultural diversity and local employment.
Mr. Guido Bauer, Green Globe Certification´s CEO, said: “We are very pleased to certify Club Med Aime La Plagne and Club Med La Plagne 2100. The Paradiski ski area, which extends from Aime La Plagne and Les Arcs to Peisey-Vallandry, is one of the most famous ski areas, and La Plagne is one of the most popular ski resorts in France.”

Club Med Aime La Plagne is situated against the impressive backdrop of the Mont-Blanc, on top of a mountain. The village was renovated in 2005. The natural surroundings are reflected in the interior design of the resort: wood, local craft, and designer furniture create a sense of security and comfort.
The club resort is located directly at the Paradiski ski pistes and ideal for all travelers who love winter sports and a sense of freedom.
Contact: Club Med Aime La Plagne, 73210 Macot La Plagne, France, Phone (33) 4 79 09 1010, Fax (33) 4 79 55 19 89
Located at 425 kilometers of ski pistes in the ski area “Paradiski,” Club Med La Plagne 2100 offers comfortable suites with great views, a restaurant, a fitness center, hamam, sauna, and jacuzzi.
The village was completely renovated: redesigned rooms, a larger restaurant, and a new lounge and salons around the hotel bar create a modern and comfortable atmosphere.
Contact: Club Med La Plagne, 73210 Aime, France, Phone (33) 4 79 22 24 26, Fax (33) 4 79 22 24 03


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