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Greece wins tourists – who spend less


Destabilised Turkey has negative as well as positive effects
Last-minute holiday seekers who have been scared away from Turkey following terror attacks and the violent coup attempt may go to Greece instead, but tourism growth there remains fragile.
Tourism is Greece, with its sun-drenched islands, sandy beaches and ancient monuments, accounts for 17% of its €185 billion economy and employs one in five adults.
“Turkey’s share of last-minute arrivals will shrink and it will probably suffer cancellations,” said Andreas Andreadis, head of the Greek tourism association SETE, the country’s biggest tourism body. “Greece will gain a share, even if it is a small one.”
But there could equally be a spillover effect. “We don’t like the fact that Turkey is destabilised, it could also affect Greece. We are not happy about this,” he said.
Earlier this year, SETE projected 25 million tourists, up from 23.6 million last year, with a 5% rise in 2016 tourism revenues to €15 billion. But that estimate depends on last-minute arrivals.
Many tourists are spending less, and in May tourism earnings were down 10.4% year-on-year. Brits in particular spent almost 30% less – a trend likely to increase during the rest of the summer.


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