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Golf GameBook top spots at app stores – golf season is ready to really begin!


HELSINKI, FINLAND – Golf GameBook has made significant steps forward during the last days: on Thursday this week an innovative live scoring golf application climbed to 3rd place on UK App Store’s sport rankings, and just couple of minutes ago GameBook took 3rd spot on U.S. App Store as well.

This is sure sign of spring: golf season is about the really begin, as it always is just before The Masters Tournament. GameBook is free app and available on App Store, Google Play and Samsung Apps worldwide. Nowadays the app has users in over 110 countries, including British Open Winner Stewart Cink, one to mention.

Golf GameBook’s global popularity has growth fast during the last days. In addition to UK & USA App Stores, GameBook app is also on top of the rankings in countries like Vietnam for example. The position hasn’t been reached by any other golf app before. These top spot spawned great success as the number of Golf GameBook app users has increased exponentially.

“These rankings are the result of our hard work in past years, and now it’s getting to pay off. We can be proud of these achievements. We are developing our app and other services continuosly and want to serve only the best for the demanding golf demographic! It’s great to see that golfers around the world have understood the extra benefit GameBook is bringing to the beloved game of golf. High rankings and number of GameBook users also proves that we’re on the right track. We said over four years ago, that golf will go to mobile. I honestly believe that this is the year when we will see huge steps on that area”, says GameBook’s co-founder, CEO Kalle Vainola. Mr. Vainola played in PGA European Tour himself in mid-90’s.

“As U.S. and UK are the two biggest markest in golf, these are our main target markets. But in addition, we nowadays have satiesfied users in over 110 different countries all over the world. I like to remind that our app was in top 2 also in Australia last Christmas, when season was really on there. GameBook’s goal is to attract more golfers to start the game and engage the lapsed as golf become more appealing with sophisticated mobile and online solutions. We want to add more fun to the game of golf with a little social twist. Some people has called GameBook as golfer’s own Facebook, and that’s actually pretty good parable. Golfers wanted an app that could input golf scores from each group then display them all, quickly and easily, on a live leaderboard – just like the professional tournaments we see on TV. The Golf Gamebook app does exactly that. You can invite and add your golf buddies to be as your GameBook friends and share your scores, stats, photos and comments with them – and of course all this in real-time. Golf has officially gone high-tech”, Vainola continues.

Why GameBook has took so huge steps during the last month? “This works in the same way as it works in other golf industries: golfers like to share their experiences about golf equipment and likewise, they are keen on sharing their experiences on golf apps. We have paid close attantion to golfers’ views, opinions and feedback and developed our services to meet their needs. The best thing about this is that we will continue to create many new fun and intriguing features for golfers”, Väinölä says.

“Also our work with College Golf tournament’s scoring organizing, our social media sites and PR work has paid off now at the same time. For example, three weeks ago we organized Ian Poulter Charity Classic’s scoring with our iPhone app at Isleworth, Orlando, FL. Mr. Poulter tweeted lots of great stuff about Golf GameBook and shared leaderoard from the app to his tweet feed many times, and when gentleman has 1.5 million followers and Annika Sorenstam is answering ja retweeting those tweets, it’s a sure thing that huge group of people are seeing those messages.”

GameBook launched its iPhone app in 2010. Android version was released in April, 2012. Both apps are free and available on the App Store, Google Play & Samsung Apps globally.

More information:
Kalle Väinölä, Co-Founder, toimitusjohtaja, GameBook Ltd.
Phone +358 400 955 955 | kalle@golfgamebook.com


Mikko Rantanen, CEO, GameBook Inc.
Tel. USA (561) 306 1777, International +358 500 656565, mikko.rantanen@golfgamebook.com


Golf GameBook is a groundbreaking golf scoring app for everyone to share their golf experiences on and off the golf course. It’s your personal Clubhouse in your pocket. With Golf GameBook golf crosses social media! It’s a FREE app available at the Samsung Apps and the iTunes AppStore. With Golf GameBook app you can keep score for yourself, within, group or set up hole-by-hole live scoring for multiple groups at the same time. An easy mobile scorecard, all popular game formats, score calculation, stats tracking, chat, social networks and much more – for individual and team games!

GameBook is a registered trademark of GameBook Oy, Finland.



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