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Golf Gamebook provides live scoring for Barngolf at Hills GC


GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN – Golf’s Live Scoring in fundraising tournaments have moved forward dramatically – thanks to Finnish innovation called Golf GameBook.

This free smartphone application brings professional-level live scoring to any golf round or tournament, anywhere. Today, GameBook provides its live scoring for Barngolf at Hills Golf Club, Gothenburg. The field includes golf stars like Johan Edfors, Carin Koch and Thomas Björn. With the GameBook app, everyone can follow tournament’s live scoring & comment the play with the smartphone.

Spectators can now follow golf events like never before. By downloading a free application from the AppStore / Google Play / Samsung Apps, they’ve been able to follow their players’ moves on the course live with mobile phone, as well as leave their comments there to cheer the teams. And the beauty is that GameBook is not only event application: everyone can use it during your own golf rounds. It’s like golfers Facebook – a social golf community, where you can share all your golf experiences in real-time. GameBook is already quite popular in Sweden, and now they are looking to forward to improve their service there too.

Feedback has been gloving not only from the spectators but the coaches and players as well. Clearly, this is something what college golf scene has been waiting for a long time. GameBook strength is extremely friendly user interface, fast and handy functionality and its social aspect. In addition to college golf scoring, the app can be used by anyone while playing golf. Simply just record your score with the GameBook app and your friends can be follow your play in real-time from anywhere in the world – just like on professional golf events. For sure this is a new and fun way to experience golf.

“We wanted to develop and customize this innovative live scoring system to fill golfers needs. We are convinced that this serves all the parties – old school paper scorecards are already the things of the past! The great feedback we’ve got proves that we’re on the right track to improve golf’s live scoring systems in all levels. All the Spectators, players and tournament administration are now staring their phones all the time on the course and at the golf club to follow standings. GameBook saves a lot of time and effort – what would be better system than this: Event organizers can organize tournaments with GameBook service as well and follow live scores & leave comments… and much more – in real-time of course”, says Mikko Rantanen, CEO of GameBook Inc. and All-American ’93 from Georgia Tech.

Get the app from the AppStore: https://itunes.apple.com/se/app/gamebook-live-golf-scorecard/id409307935
Go to the “Public Events” page and tap Barngolf.
Golf GameBook on Facebook: www.facebook.com/golfgamebook
On Twitter: twitter.com/golfgamebook

For more information, contact:

Mikko Rantanen

CEO, GameBook Inc.

All-American ’93 Georgia Tech, PGA Member

Tel. USA (561) 306 1777, International +358 500 656565

mailto: mikko.rantanen@golfgamebook.com


Golf GameBook is an award-winning golf scoring app for everyone to share his or her golf experiences on and off the golf course. It’s your personal Clubhouse in your pocket. With Golf GameBook golf crosses social media! It’s a FREE app available on the Samsung Apps, Google Play and AppStore. With Golf GameBook app you can keep score for yourself, within, group or set up hole-by-hole live scoring for multiple groups at the same time. An easy mobile scorecard, all popular game formats, score calculation, stats tracking, chat, social networks and much more – for individual and team games! GameBook is a registered trademark of GameBook Oy, Finland.



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