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Gold and khat smuggled on Nordic ferry


Woman carrying 82 bunches of chewable narcotic leaf
Customs officers have caught a woman, aged 43, trying to smuggle 82 bunches of khat, a chewable narcotic leaf, into Norway together with gold and a lot of cash.
The khat weighed in at about eight kilograms, the gold at 81 grams, while the cash totalled the equivalent of around €14,000. The woman had taken the Hirtshals-Larvik ferry on Friday and was walking through the ferry terminal when she was asked to step aside.
A plant native to the horn of Africa, khat contains a stimulant that can cause excitement and euphoria. Although it is legal in the UK, it is an illegal narcotic in the Scandinavian countries.
“First we discovered that she was carrying 82 bunches of khat at nearly eight kilos,” Sven-Øystein Ferstad of Sandefjord Customs said. Then the money and gold were found.
“It was good customs intuition that enabled us to catch her, and officers were able to spot her in part because of her body language,” Ferstad added.
Ostlands-Posten / NRK / The Local


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