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GLOtoSLEEP Mask delivers winning night’s sleep at the 2012 OSCARS


Sound Oasis, the expert sleep people, announced today that many of the 2012 OSCAR® nominees would enjoy a healthy and much-needed OSCARS® night’s sleep thanks to it’s GLOtoSLEEP therapeutic sleep masks gifted at a pre-OSCARS’® event at the Beverly Hills boutique L’Ermitage Hotel on February 23rd.

The GLOtoSLEEP mask’s patented system of light-charged photo-luminescent bars lull the wearer into a healthy drug-free sleep, allowing them to forget the cares of the day – and of tomorrow – by emulating an Eastern meditative process of “looking up” to clear the mind. Constructed from hyper-allergenic foam with eye cavities, an adjustable Velcro strap and weighing less than half an ounce, this unique sleep aid is capable of delivering a healthy drug-free sleep to insomniacs worldwide.

Peter Mackeonis of Santa Cruz Holistics, a GLOtoSLEEP US distributor and responsible for it’s celebrity gifting events, comments, “We seldom meet a celebrity capable of sleeping more than a few hours a night. Hollywood is clearly a town that never sleeps, but wants to.” Continuing, ”Many celebrities come back just to tell us how much they love their GLOtoSLEEP and to pick up an extra one for traveling” and, “Anyone who has flown long distance knows that airline sleep masks offered by even the major carriers such as American Airlines, Continental, BA, Air France and even Virgin Atlantic, are uncomfortable, flimsy and aren’t black-out masks.”

GLOtoSLEEP masks were especially well-received by the unsung heroes of the year’s best; the supporting cast members, camera people, make-up artists, stylists and the special effects people; many of whom work longer hours than the leading actors, and, if it were not for them, “Hollywood,” would not exist. Recipients include Damian Jones, the producer of “The Iron Lady”; Rob Legato special effects master for “Hugo”; cast members of “The Artist”; the special effects team of the “Harry Potter” movies; the ineffable, Gary Busey; ‘Apprentice,’ Lou Ferrigno; Barbara Eve Harris; Donna Mills; Former James Bond, George Lazenby; Sofia Milos; the pryo effects team from Tuba Atlantic (the Norwegian short film nominated for an OSCAR®); Andrew Bowler, (producer nominated for movie-short Time Freak); Glee’s, Joss Sussman and Haley Nolan; Brett Lockhart (New England Patriots); a smattering of striking Russian models; Donna Mills and a large number of soap-opera’s cast and crew.

Previous GLOtoSLEEP recipients have included Samuel L. Jackson, James Woods, William Shatner, Rumer Willis (who asked for GLOtoSLEEP masks for both her parents Bruce Willis and Demi Moore), Melanie Griffith (who wanted one for hubby Antonio Banderas), Eric Roberts, Kevin Sorbo, Sofia Milos, Robin Antin, Angie Everhart, Keisha Knight-Pulliam, Jose Conseco, Nancy Cartwright (the voice of Bart Simpson) and other notables.

GLOtoSLEEP also donates masks to charities and causes, such as the Veterans Administration, The Kidney Foundation of Southern California and America’s Second Harvest Food Bank. We also gift GLOtoSLEEP masks to celebrities at EMMY, GRAMMY and OSCARS parties each year.

Sound Oasis is the world leader in sound therapy systems; committed to helping people live happier and healthier lives with solutions that combine superior quality with the very latest technology. In addition to the GLOtoSLEEP, Sound Oasis carries sound therapy systems, sleep therapy pillows/speakers, 8 hour down-loadable seamless white-noise tracks and sound expansion cards.

The GLOtoSLEEP retails for $39.95 and is available in the US, Canada, the UK, Europe and Australia.

For stockists please Google, ‘glotosleep.’

For distribution please contact:

Troy Anderson
Sound Oasis Company
39 School Street
Marblehead, MA 01945
Tel: 781-631-5337
Fax: 866-371-3509
e-mail: troy(dot)anderson(at)filterstream(dot)com

Santa Cruz Holistics
Santa Cruz, CA
Tel: 831-840-3729
e-mail: peter(at)santacruzholistics(dot)com / lisa(at)santacrusholistics(dot)com


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