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Global hotelier writes first novel


Global hotelier, Werner Gessner, is writing his first novel, “Opera di Soazza,” set in a paradise-like serene Swiss year-round snowcapped mountain resort where tranquility is the norm.

Here, the Moesa is flowing leisurely, animals are grazing and resting on the greenest lawns, streams fill the fishponds, and all grows in abundance throughout the valley – figs, grapes, lemons, small organic gardens with the finest vegetables. The church towers of S. Martino welcomes you, the Ospizio in the middle of the village housing priceless treasures with a view over the valley of Mesoco and Lostallo Soazza, a village with only 360 inhabitants – a perfect Swiss setting high in the mountain, the Alpe di Boggio. The only thing missing is the Swiss train, or so it seems.
A tax haven for a few and chosen ones; the last resting place of the toilet king; a hideaway for an Italian coffee heiress and Austrian nobility; a private retreat for the rich and famous, ambassadors, and family members of ex-dictators; shady characters; a mix grill of people; Italian high finance and bank representatives from the most well-known banking houses in the world step in and out of the scene or looking to take up residence at the resort. There is a constant flow of luxury cars and limousines, chauffeuring Italian opera divas, Swiss sopranos, and countless musicians to monthly dinner soirees hosted by the jet-setting lady of the house. Her salons are filled with white orchids, the finest artworks on the wall, and some of the most renowned artists in the world as they come and go. Soazza is a mecca for artist and entertainers, where the finest Italian food is served and only Ruinard brut rose champagne flows for dinners that are legendary throughout the world.
At times, the lady of the house sings her favorite song, “Rote Lippen soll man Kuessen,” or the Italian baritone sings with his blind dog to amuse and entertain the worldly guests of the house or in her library filled with 10,001 books. There are civilized and cultivated events where money seems to be no object, and her fantasies are unlimited as are the sponsors and lenders.
This is an unbelievable story that only Hollywood could top; an incredible story of a modern-day lady. Marchesa Casati or Adele Spitzeder could have learned a lesson from her.

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