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Global gastronomy: five edible adventures


Hotel restaurants used to be an afterthought – a means to simply satisfy the masses. These days the culinarily inclined are traveling by flavors and seeking out the inspired and adventurous in both the hotel experience and its comestible creations.

Follow the epicurean trail with a stop at Copperhill Mountain Lodge in Sweden. Driven by the purity of the surrounding mountain landscape, regional tasting menus take center stage. Among the rolling hills of Germany’s wine country is the palate pleasing Becker’s Hotel & Restaurant. Five generations of family tradition have cultivated a thriving food and wine culture, set in their very own vineyard. In Bulgaria’s capital city, Sense Hotel Sofia is steeped in the rediscovery of traditional Bulgarian ingredients while updating them with a modern Mediterranean influence. On the Portuguese Riviera, Farol Design Hotel is bringing the best of refined Asian techniques while staying true to their latin roots with master chefs in each respective cuisine. With two first-rate restaurants, Seaside Palm Beach is spinning contemporary European interpretations with the finest in fresh coastal ingredients. www.designhotels.com/culinary_culture


Copperhill Mountain Lodge, Åre, Sweden

On the very top of Sweden’s picturesque Mount Förberget rests the idyllic Copperhill Mountain Lodge. With 112 rooms and the gourmet kitchen Niesti, ruddy-cheeked skiers will find welcome respite. A regional tasting menu by the name of Vaajese, the Sami word for ‘legend’, showcases the restaurant’s ethos that every dish has a story to tell. With product sourced from local farmers and foragers, taste a tale of the bountiful land.


Becker’s Hotel & Restaurant, Trier, Germany

Located in the fertile heart of Germany’s Mosel region, the 32-room hotel has two outstanding dining options in-house. Two Michelin star Chef and owner Wolfgang Becker has honed his craft cooking honest, fine food accompanied by exceptional wines produced on site. With dishes like turbot with smoked beef marrow, lemon leaves and glazed leeks, the acclaimed Chef illustrates his playful handling of bold flavors.


Sense Hotel Sofia, Bulgaria

With 71 rooms and boasting one of the most stylish restaurants in town, Sense Hotel Sofia’s heart and soul is centered squarely around tradition. Yogurts, white cheeses and fresh herbs feature prominently, giving guests an authentic taste of the old country, while modern Mediterranean musings introduce the new Bulgaria. The country’s diverse regions are highlighted through the thoughtful use of ingredients skillfully turned into sensory experiences.


Farol Design Hotel, Cascais, Portugal

With 33 guestrooms and three distinct dining areas, the luxurious seaside resort offers up the best of two culinary worlds. Executive Chef Hugo Silva and sushi master Nuande Pekel’s collaborative efforts spawn both Portuguese and Japanese treasures. With an emphasis on fresh seafood and colorful contrasts, both chefs are creating incredible edible art.


Seaside Palm Beach, Gran Canaria, Spain

Embedded in a 1000-year old palm grove, Seaside Palm Beach takes it foodie inspiration from the surrounding land. With 328 rooms, the hotel’s mix of classics melded with modern design extends to the kitchen’s philosophy as well. At Esencia, sumptuous Spanish fare is elevated with quality ingredients used in their purest state, and is exemplified in the star dish of Sama fillet with risotto and herbed crumbs.


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