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Global airline, airport traffic grows strongly


Middle East growing the fastest; Atlanta stays top
Airline passenger traffic worldwide rose by a strong rate of 6.8% in 2015, data released by International Civil Aviation Organisation show, with the Middle East region growing the fastest.
US airlines make up the top three in the world by revenue passenger kilometres, the United Nations agency points out, with American Airlines number one.
Atlanta was still the world’s busiest airport by passenger numbers, with 101.5 million passengers, followed by Beijing (89.9 million) and Dubai (78 million). Unlike previous years, growth in Atlanta (5.5%) is stronger than Beijing (4.4%), meaning that their positions are likely to remain unchanged for some time.
Traffic at Dubai grew 10.7%, while London Heathrow fell three places from third to sixth (75 million, up 2.2%).
Dubai is highest in the world for international passengers (77.5 million), followed by Heathrow (69.8 million).
Load factor hit a 10-year high globally in 2015, at 80.2%, with North America scoring the highest (83.5%).


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