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Get fit, lose weight and tone up: make 2013 resolutions last


You’ve tried the fad diets (without success) and have a gym membership (which you’ve never used) but fitness-holiday company Illumanis – with its scientific and education-based approach – could help you turn your 2013 resolutions into a new healthy and long-term lifestyle.

With fitness sessions and nutritional presentations led by experienced trainers and consultants, guests can expect to lose up to a stone of body fat, and will learn how to adapt their routine once home to ensure that the hard work doesn’t go to waste. Ideal for time-sensitive people who follow a hectic, fast-paced lifestyle, Illumanis will make sure you shed the pounds, kick-start a new healthy way of life and, at the same time, combine this with a five-star holiday in Turkey.

Here are three of the fitness holidays:

Boot Camp, from £995 pp*
You don’t have to be a serial ‘boot-camper’ for this holiday, which will motivate people of all fitness levels with its emphasis on team spirit and a group mentality. The instructors will make sure everyone’s pushed to their maximum limit, whether it’s during military-style circuits on the resort’s private beach, hikes up to Alanya’s medieval castle or spinning classes. There are also optional medicine-ball and kettle-bell workouts, yoga, meditation and resistance work in the gym, and the sea (plus an Olympic-sized pool) is right there whenever you need to cool off. It’s not all about hard work though; evenings are free for relaxing and there’s unlimited use of the steam rooms, sauna and Turkish bath to relax weary muscles. During mealtimes, there’s always an instructor on hand to advise on what you should and shouldn’t eat.
First 2013 departure is 6 January.

Ultimate Weight Loss, from £1,295 pp*
Rather than have you over-exercising and thus creating a large calorie deficit – a common theme for many fitness holidays – this weight-loss week is different. It combines a precise diet with a resistance-training programme to avoid the weight gains that ‘yo-yo dieters’ often incur. The training’s not designed to exhaust; instead, you’ll follow a controlled training programme and diet specifically written with you in mind, including one-to-one and small-group training. Combine short training sessions with a thoroughly well-researched menu of amino acid-based supplements and essential oils, which trick the body into thinking you’re consuming a large quantity of food – meaning that body fat is reduced at a particularly rapid rate. You’ll even wear a special wristband to ensure you can’t give way to temptation in the restaurant. Alongside the programme, there’s time to use the hotel’s extensive facilities, visit nearby Alanya and book in for a massage.
First 2013 departure is 13 January.

Tone Up, from £1,145 pp*
Starting with a 12-site body fat assessment, you’ll be weighed and measured ahead of this week-long Tone Up holiday. The programme aims to speed up your metabolism, shed fat and build muscle, using a mix of weight training, short interval sessions and careful nutrient timing. Following a carb-cycling approach, you’ll rotate your energy source between carbs and fats on a daily basis, which will encourage your body to use free-form fatty acids as fuel and burn more body fat. Working different body parts, there’s watt-bike spinning, resistance training, nutritional presentations, sled-training and circuits, plus plenty of time to relax by one of the resort’s many pools, or explore further afield.
First 2013 departure is 20 January.

*Prices are based on two sharing and include flights (Gatwick), transfers, seven nights’ full-board accommodation at a five-star hotel, all training and fitness sessions, nutritional advice and use of the hotel’s facilities and spa.

Ultimate Weight Loss (which runs on a half-board basis) and Tone Up also include supplements (as per programme), plus a personal fitness assessment and some one-to-one training sessions.

Other Illumanis fitness holidays include : Muscle Mass, The Wedding Diet, Lean Muscle and Weight Loss.

Contact Illumanis on 01670 785 015 (www.illumanis.com; info@illumanis.com) for more information.

About Illumanis

Offering five-star fitness holidays at a luxury spa resort in Turkey, Illumanis offers a proven route to weight-loss with an emphasis on education and keeping the pounds off when back home. A productive way to spend a week, seven well-structured programmes – great for both sexes – have now been launched, all led by experienced trainers and consultants. Rather than spending a week in the gym, knowledgeable instructors will get guests to make use of the great outdoors with circuits on the beach and runs up into the Taurus Mountains.


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