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Get exceptional discounts on selected itineraries of the Maharaja Express this February


New Delhi, 2015: PRESS RELEASE – a new year bring in new opportunities for travel and exploration. It is an excellent time where you can discover the unknown especially in the lands of India and its cultural heritage.

Travel in style and comfort, which takes you on a journey through the past regal area. Travel on a mesmerizing journey through the luxury trains travel in India. These luxury trains of India will take you throughout the culturally diverse lands, infused with a blend of ancient culture and its preservation in the modern day civilization.

The ideal time to plan for that perfect and timeless train travel holiday aboard the Maharajas Express train is now. Travel enthusiasts looking forward to a journey filled with luxury, comfort and splendor can now book a holiday trip with special offers on The Indian Splendor and Treasures of India itineraries this month. This offers include a booking on the first adult on twin sharing at the full cost with the second adult sharing the same cabin will get 50% discount on the published adult cost. These splendid itineraries incorporate a delightful and exciting journey that embraces the true beauty and essence of India’s glorious magnificent past.

The Maharajas Express train has a splendid set of itineraries amongst all the luxury trains travel in India. For this month’s booking, only The Indian Splendour and The Treasures of India are available. The highlights of The Indian Splendour includes an 8 day trip which includes the destinations of Delhi, Agra, Ranthambore, Jaipur, Bikaner, Jodhapur, Udaipur, Balasinor and Mumbai on an 8 day trip. The Treasures of India itinerary includes the destinations of Delhi, Agra, Ranthambore and Jaipur on a 4 day trip.

Connoisseurs of travelling can take advantage of this delightful discount and experience the jewels of the past, the country has to offer. These jewel encrusted destinations will make for a splendid visit, especially to those who wish to discover India’s regal beauty in a first- hand experience. Travelers who are traveling with a single companion along with themselves can take advantage of this first come first serve offer, with the second ticket at half the price.

Unlike the other luxury trains of India, the Maharajas Express provides a train travel experience that reflects the true essence of India’s royalty. Travel on this delightful train journey and discover the hidden treasures of India’s majestic past. The diverse itineraries will satisfy your sense of adventure and yet leave you with a thirst for more. Optional excursions will allow you the flexibility of relaxing or creating several intimate moments with your loved ones.

About Maharajas Express

Maharajas Express is one of the leading luxury train of India that provides a state of the art service and accommodation to its visitors. It has redefined the world of train travelling into a luxurious travel experience by offering its guests an opportunity to explore the iconic destinations while providing a glimpse of a rich cultural heritage of India’s regal past. With its finely crafted itineraries, exclusive amenities and special discounts, this luxury train travel in India will provide its travelers with an experience that is worthy of royalty as they explore the mystiques of the Indian lands, through the luxury and comfort of a spacious train travel.

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