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Get cheaper flights – delete your cookies


…and other “secrets” known only by travel insiders

Online travel site Smarter Travel lists a number of “secrets” supposedly known only by travel industry insiders. One of these reveals that deleting your cookies when shopping online for flights can get you cheaper options.

It’s common for airline customers to notice that when they’re hunting for a flight online, after checking it a few times the price goes up. Some travel websites secretly install a cookie on your computer that keeps track of where you’re looking, raising the ticket cost once it knows you’re interested. To get around this, Smarter Travel suggests, clear the cookies off your computer and search again.

Other secrets the site reveals: it may be cheaper to split your trip into two one-way flights with different airlines, so search for each fare separately; be nice to airline ticket agents as they have a certain amount of power and can punish difficult passengers by, for example, bumping them off flights or forcing them to check more luggage; and also be nice to people on the hotel front desk as they have power too – to give you a spacious or quiet room, or put you by the elevator.

Smarter Travel

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