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Germany’s strangest museums


Museums of pigs, clowns, potatoes and food additives
Germany has a wide range of popular and interesting museums, but it also does quirky and strange very well.
Take the German Additive Museum in Hamburg, for example, which reveals all about the functions, risks and side effects of the countless additives in our food.
Many additives do not have to be declared on food packaging, it reveals, and even organic food can include these little chemicals.
At the Pig (Schweine) Museum in Stuttgart, meanwhile, you can enjoy 23 rooms full of porky paraphernalia – inside an old slaughterhouse. Its focus is the mythology as well as the cooking of pigs – and you can get married there. There’s a pork restaurant too.
In Munich, the Potato Museum reveals the mighty potato in art and art history as well as in food. There’s an Easter Egg Museum in Sonnenbühl, Baden-Württemberg. And Berlin has a Lipstick Museum, opened by a make-up artist to show off his private collection of lipsticks, posters and cosmetic formulas from baroque times to the present.
Other weird museums in Germany are dedicated to clowns (Leipzig), bees (Weimar) and mustard grinders (Cologne).
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