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Germany in top spot for Europe conferences


Germany held 649 international association conferences

New figures show that 649 international association conferences were hosted in Germany in 2012, 72 more than the previous year. This narrows the gap with the US, which hosted 833 conferences and extends Germany’s lead over Spain which is in third place globally with 550.
The figures mean that the International Congress & Convention Association (ICCA) ranks Germany as Europe’s leading conference location for international associations for the ninth consecutive year.
Berlin rose to third place in the city category in the world, hosting 172 international association conferences in 2012, putting it ahead of Madrid (164) and Barcelona (154). Vienna and Paris remain at the top, with 195 and 181 events, respectively.
German cities are above average in the ICCA rankings, with Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Dresden, among others, all in the top 100.
Germany boasts outstanding infrastructure, an excellent transport network and a wide variety of event venues,” Matthias Schultze, managing director of the GCB German Convention Bureau, said. “We offer superb value for money and local expertise in key economic and scientific sectors. All of these qualities make Germany’s cities and regions ideal settings for international conferences.”
The bureau also stressed that the number of events in the sustainability sector almost doubled between 2011 and 2012. “This trend demonstrates that Germany has firmly established itself as a leading destination for sustainable events, capitalizing on its expertise in this competitive global market,” Schultze said.
[pictured: ISS Dome, Düsseldorf; photo courtesy German Convention Bureau]


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