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Germany exits from Schengen system


Country brings back border controls, stops trains from Austria
Germany has effectively exited temporarily from the Schengen system. It brought back border controls on Sunday and suddenly stopped all train traffic with Austria, as the influx of refugees becomes overwhelming for many of the country’s regions.
“This step has become necessary,” Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière, told journalists in Berlin, adding that record numbers of refugees, mostly from Syria, have stretched the system to breaking point. Asylum seekers must know that they “cannot choose the states where they are seeking protection,” he said.
Trains between Austria and Bavaria have been the main route into Germany for the almost half a million refugees the country has seen so far this year. But the trains stopped at 17:00 CET.
Only EU citizens and people with valid documents are now allowed to pass through Germany’s borders, the minister said. Chaotic scenes on the Austrian-German border are likely.
The Telegraph


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