Home News German train drivers to strike again this week

German train drivers to strike again this week


German rail passengers prepare for another long strike
A five-day rail strike in early May was already the longest in Deutsche Bahn’s history. Now Germany’s train drivers are planning their ninth walkout in 11 months, due to start at 01:00 on Wednesday for passenger services.
An earlier start time of 14:00 Tuesday is for freight trains. No end date has been given by union leaders, but longer than five days is likely, which would hit travel over the coming long weekend.
Unions are after a 5% pay rise for 20,000 drivers, a shorter working week and – more difficult to agree on – the right to negotiate on behalf of other employees such as conductors and restaurant staff.
Around 5.5 million people travel by rail in Germany each day. Economists say that the earlier five-day strike cost the German economy €750 million in lost activity.


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