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Future travel: See-through cabins, inflight golf?


Intelligent cabins would reveal a panoramic membrane

Passengers may no longer need to worry about getting a window seat. Airbus has revealed new ideas for possible implementation by 2050 – such as windows throughout the entire cabin.

The intelligent cabins would become see-through at the touch of a button, revealing a panoramic membrane.

Other innovations include replacing the usual first, business and economy classes with zones that meet individual needs like playing games, interacting with other passengers or relaxing in a calm environment.

The “vitalising zone” would have seats adapted to your body offering massages, drinks and vitamins. The seats would gather body heat and use it to power the cabin’s facilities. The “interaction zone” would have a virtual gaming wall for tennis, baseball and golf fans.

Holographic pop-up pods would be used for virtual business meetings, lectures, a romantic meal or reading a bedtime story to the kids back home.

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[image courtesy Airbus]


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