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Fuel pours from wing of Norwegian Dreamliner


Passengers alert cabin staff and flight is aborted

Norwegian’s Dreamliner nightmare continues. As one of the planes proceeded towards the runway in Bangkok on Monday, preparing for take-off to Oslo, passengers noticed fuel pouring out of a leak in one of the 787s’ wings.

Passengers alerted cabin staff and the flight was aborted. The passengers photographed and filmed the leak. They were given rooms at a nearby hotel and eventually arrived in Oslo 19 hours late.

“Yes, it is leaking fuel and it was noticed very soon after the aircraft starting taxiing out,” airline spokesperson Charlotte Holmbergh Jacobsson told the newspaper Nordlys. “There was never any danger to the passengers.”

She said that the pilot would have been aware of the leak from his instruments.

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[pictured: Norwegian Dreamliner; photo courtesy Norwegian]


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