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Frankfurt Airport threatened by big strike


Negotiations continue on deal for public employees

Air traffic in one of Europe’s biggest airports may be hit by a strike next week as negotiations continue for a new agreement to include public employees.

The powerful German trade union Verdi has called for public employees at Frankfurt Airport, such as air traffic controllers, to take part in a scheduled major strike planned for Thursday next week.

It is safe to assume that there will be numerous flight delays on that day, Verdi said in a statement, according to the news agency Reuters.

German trade unions have been using strikes on public transport this month after the first round of negotiations on new agreements for public employees broke down. Verdi wants to increase the pressure on government negotiators.

The company that operates Frankfurt airport, Fraport, pleaded for air passengers not to be used as hostages.

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[pictured: Airport expansion at Frankfurt Airport; photo: Fraport AG]


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