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France to say “au revoir” to impolite travel staff


France to spend millions on giving tourists a better welcome
After reports of consumers’ poor satisfaction with France’s tourism, the country is now preparing to spend millions of euros on improving its manners to give tourists a better welcome.
A multimillion-euro tourist investment fund has been set up to boost tourist numbers from 84 million in 2014 to 100 million in 2020.
Part of the plan is a new campaign to reverse the findings of a recent survey by the Council for the Promotion of Tourism, which show that even people still want to see the country’s attractions, visitors are 30% less satisfied with their stays than in other countries.
One of the reasons behind this is the “welcome deficit”, with tourists complaining about restaurants refusing to serve them and impolite and slow waiters. Now France’s foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, is laying out plans for a new campaign to teach his countrymen better manners.
“When we serve a coffee, when we help someone to find their way, we are offering a service to someone else but we are also offering a service to France,” he said. “With foreign tourists, we are all the ambassadors of France.”
Plans include welcome signs in English at airports and train stations, online English courses for hotel and restaurant staff and a fund to renovate crumbling French hotels.
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