Home News France plans to increase hotel tax fivefold

France plans to increase hotel tax fivefold


Tourists in France are expected to be hit by a rise in hotel tax as the Parliament supports a 500% increase to the tourist tax.



If rubber-stamped by the Senate, visitors to French hotels would pay a tax of £6.40 (8 Euros) per night, rather than the current £1.20 (1.50 Euros). In Paris this figure would rise to £8 per bed night (10 Euros) to pay for transport infrastructure projects.

The controversial measure has already been approved by Parliament after being initiated by Socialist MPs.

But France’s foreign minister has joined tourist chiefs and hoteliers in attacking the increase.

Laurent Fabius, the foreign secretary, said the measure was ‘dangerous and totally contrary to the promotion of tourism, a priority for jobs’, reports the Daily Mail.

Roland Heguy, president of the UMIH organisation that represents the interests of more than 80,000 businesses in the tourism sector, said: “To establish two new taxes in less than 24 hours, without any coherence or consultation with the industry . . . is totally irresponsible.”



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