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France broadens search for MH370


Search widens on islands of Reunion and Mauritius
France says it is increasing its search for debris that could be from missing flight MH370 by plane, helicopter and boat on its Indian Ocean territory of Reunion. Searches are also being carried out on the nearby islands of Mauritius.
Malaysia has also appealed to the government of Madagascar for help, while it is also possible that debris could wash up on the shores right across eastern Africa.
As previously reported, a flaperon section of a wing was found on a beach on Reunion last week, which Malaysia says matches the paint and a maintenance seal for MH370. It was flown to mainland France for further investigation.
Since then additional debris, including a plane window, metal foil and the remains of a suitcase, have been found, though none of this has been confirmed as coming from MH370.
Reuters / BBC


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