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Four best things to do on a holiday in Sweden?


Hostelworld offers lakeside castles, elk safaris and cities

The online booking company Hostelworld makes four recommendations on how to get the most out of a trip to Sweden, depending on which part of the country a visiting tourist is in. When in the north, an elk safari in Laukkuluspa is one of the most memorable activities, where visitors can ride a snowmobile to explore one of Europe’s last areas of wilderness, eat in a Sami tent and see elk and reindeer in the wild. In the west of Sweden, one of the essential sights is Läckö Castle on Lake Vänern, whose foundations were laid in 1298 and which was turned into a spectacular work of art in the 17th century.
In the south, Gothenburg is the major draw due to its architecture, with many buildings in the romantic or classical styles set along canals. And in the east, Hostelworld’s main recommendation is Stockholm’s Royal Palace, one of the biggest royal residences in Europe.
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[pictured: Gothenburg]


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