Home News Foreign services red flag Egypt in peak season

Foreign services red flag Egypt in peak season


Concerns over how the escalating political situation in Egypt is increasing since it is likely to affect bookings. With both Scandinavian and European foreign services advising tourists against traveling to the troubled country, most tour operators with Egypt destinations in their stock face severe downturn and cancellations in the peak summer season.

Foreign Services all over Europe are advising against travelling to major cities such as Cairo, Alexandria, Suez and Port Said. However, some European authorities still consider holiday destinations at The Red Sea and Akaba Bay safe and changing flights in Cairo is also still possible.

Monday, The Military High Command in Egypt warned the president in the country that they are likely to interfere in the public riots already today, should president Mursi not be able to restore order in the streets. And diplomats in the country are interpreting the message from the military into the likely situation of a military coup during this week.


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