Home News Forbes writer: “why I hate travel agencies”

Forbes writer: “why I hate travel agencies”


“Each time there’s been a problem” using agencies

Writing for Forbes, a “very frequent business traveller” says he is growing increasingly frustrated with travel agencies. Mostly he books flights using an online service such as Expedia, Travelocity or the airline’s own website. But sometimes, when travelling at someone else’s expense, he’s forced to use a travel agency.
He recounts: “I’ve been forced to use travel agencies four times in the last year and each time there’s been a problem”. These problems include having to be confined to an airline that doesn’t give free upgrades; not being able to find an agent who can book the exact flight with the lowest price; failing to locate a reasonably priced hotel near a conference venue even though it could be found on Expedia; and being booked a flight ticket in the wrong name.
[photo courtesy Lufthansa]


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