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Floats, high on fun on the Tuscany coast


Every Sunday from 5th February – 3rd March 2012, one of Europe’s largest carnivals will dominate the Tuscany beachfront city of Viareggio.

The event is famous for its extravagant parade, when outrageous floats form the Passeggiata a Mare or ‘stroll on the beach’ beside the Ligurian Sea. The tradition dates from 1873 when an ostentatious floral display was hijacked by angry locals, discontented over taxes. The irreverent tone persisted and today anything goes, under the flag of the carnival’s clown-mascot, Burlamacco.

The city is well prepared to cater for thousands of spectators, with cafés, bars and stalls beside the parade route as the vast creations move through the crowds. The heads and hats on the floats are paper maché, created in huge warehouses with great imagination and real artistic flair.

Roaring monsters, super-heroes, spit-roasted politicians, high-profile business figures and sports stars; the famous must endure seeing their own recent antics, animated and mocked for the crowds’ entertainment. Costumed human performers add to the floats’ sense of theatre, interacting with onlookers, throwing confetti and sweets, while avoiding the choreographed clutches of giant dragons, aliens and heads of state. Between the floats, bands of dancers and musicians maintain the excitement. A mischievous approach is adopted generally, as by-standers duel with foam-rubber sabres and are encouraged to play practical jokes.

This sense of fun doesn’t diminish the event’s impressive preparation and artistry, recognised in the award for ‘best float’, as feasting and fireworks end the day.

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