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“Floating hotel” to be built in Dubai


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The hotel will have a whole floor underwater
The island cluster on the Dubai coastline known as The World will include a “floating hotel” by the end of 2020. The Dh2.5 billion (€570 million) property will have a whole floor underwater.
To be known as the Floating Venice hotel, with 414 rooms, the ambitious project is being developed by the Kleindienst Group and will feature super-premium suites built on top of a “vessel”.
The hotel “landscape” will stretch over 37,000 square metres, four kilometres from the shore.
“It’s not a typical builder who will put it together but a boat builder,” says Josef Kleindienst. “We are working on the tenders right now.”
Kleindienst is already heading a project in The World to construct a six-island cluster called Heart of Europe, to be ready in the next 18 months. Then there are the Floating Seahorses – essentially yachts with underwater living rooms.
“You would be surprised how many people want to live inside the ocean,” Kleindienst added. “We received feedback from 21,600 people and that was the reason why we decided to go in for an underwater luxury hotel.”
Gulf News Journal


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