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Floating hotel planned for viewing Northern Lights


Snowflake-shaped hotel to be located outside Tromsø

Europe’s first floating hotel under the Northern Lights is due to be constructed in northern Norway. The snowflake-shaped Krystall Hotel will be located just outside Tromsø.

The idea behind the property is that it will float on Norwegian waters while the glass roof provides an unparalleled view of the lights.

A Netherlands-based firm that specialises in this type of construction, Dutch Docklands, is behind the project. Its founder, architect Koen Olthuis, told The Local that work had started on the project after a “long intensive period of research on location and regulations”.

The exact location of the 86-room, 5-star hotel has not been revealed, but building work is set to start next summer for an opening in December 2016. Olthuis says it costs about 15% more to build a structure with a floating foundation than it would to build a hotel on land.

“Key for the Krystall’s design was that it should be a simple glass building that would allow guests to get the most spectacular view on the Northern Lights from their beds,” said Olthuis. “The environmental assessment study is the most important aspect for us because we want to be absolutely ‘scarless’ on the environment. This is the main driver behind our projects.”

The Local

[image courtesy Dutch Docklands]


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