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Flights to Sharm el-Sheikh from Stansted Airport cancelled for two weeks

Following news stating that the Metrojet plane crash that killed 224 people had been caused by an explosive device, TTG Nordic had reported that most flights from the UK to Sharm el-Sheikh had been cancelled as airlines struggled to bring their stranded passengers home to the UK.
Egypt had been “disappointed by the decision to suspend flights, accusing the UK government of making “a premature and unwarranted statement” on the crash,” but it seems they will be even more dismayed to find that several airlines out of Stansted Airport have reportedly decided to halt all flights to the resort until November 25.
While easyJet and Thomson have announced that flights would remain suspended until November 25, Stansted Airport offers no such information on their website. According to Cambridge News, “easyJet and Thomson have both confirmed that travel would be suspended between the two airports for the next two weeks, in order to prevent further disruptions” as they made arrangements to help the thousands of tourists still trapped in Sharm el-Sheikh, as well as help those who had made arrangements to visit the resort town prior to the Metrojet crash rebook their flights. A spokesman from easyJet said, “The decision to suspend all flights was a decision to give customers the opportunity to rebook and change their plans. With delays and cancellations still ongoing, we felt it was in the best interests of our customers that we tried to limit the amount of disruptions to services as investigations continue.” It’s also estimated that “following today’s flights easyJet will have around 2,200 passengers still stranded in Sharm el-Sheikh.”
Stansted, which sees millions of customers every year, is expected to welcome thousands of passengers, and appears to be among the most ideal airports to land in for those who cannot fly back to their original airports. While these passengers will be provided with free coach service to their original airports, information on Parking4less also states that passengers can easily travel to and from Stansted through a variety of public transportation options, including a dedicated train service.


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