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Flight to London with Neikid


On 24 September a gourmet-flight took place on Estonian Air Tallinn-London-Tallinn route in which Premium class passengers were served three course meal by Koit Uustalu the Chef de Cuisine of Neikid.

Neikid has specially composed the onboard menu for Estonian Air Sky Restaurant. The starter of Tallinn-London flight is smoked duck salad with cherry chutney, black bread crisps, pickled pumpkin and parmesan. For the main course, passengers are served beef steak with beetroot and potato croquettes, fruity red wine sauce, beetroot crisps and mushroom jam. The dessert on the way to London is cheesecake with Vana Tallinn cream served with muesli and sea buckthorn cream.

“This is a chance for our resto to be in the sky and to add value to everything that makes air travel pleasurable,“ said Koit Uustalu, the Chef de Cuisine of Neikid. “It is a an honour to us to be chosen as caterer on our national airline and look after their Premium Class passengers,“ he added.

The starter on the way back to Tallinn is lamb roasted on low temperature with forest fruit couscous, mustard cream cheese, pickled root vegetables, tomatoes dried in Neikid resto and rhubarb mousse. Duck confit with duck bomba, cherry sauce, potato and sun-dried tomato puree is served for the main course. For the dessert, passengers can enjoy chocolate cream cheese Truffle with strawberry compote and mint candy

Located in Tallinn, Wismar street, the mission of Neikid is to provide its people with pure flavours in a pleasant meeting place, transforming eating into a daily pleasure. Neikid’s Mediterranean fashioned cuisine has been influenced by both Estonia and the Scandinavian countries.

As Estonian Air Sky Restaurant project has received very positive feedback, it was decided that this, initially a year lasting, project which kicked off in September 2011 will be continued. The concept of the project remains the same, however the restaurants on board will, instead of a month, rotate within two-month period. In September and October, the Premium Class passengers are served the dishes made by Neikid menu. More information about Estonian Air Sky Restaurant can be viewed here.

Estonian Air, Estonian national carrier, focuses on improving the connection between Estonia and the rest of the world with the aim of increasing competitiveness as a network carrier hub. The airline flies currently to 20 destinations in Europe, Scandinavia and in CIS.

Just recently, Estonian Air was recognized by European Region Airline Association (ERA) for its excellence and achievements with Airline of the Year 2012/2013 Silver Award.


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