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Flight safety – two years of ongoing improvements


Flight safety is a daily priority, forming the basis of the contract between the airline and its customers.Air France is pursuing an ongoing flight safety improvement policy in an aim to place flight safety at the highest possible level of industry standards, going beyond the extremely strict European and international norms.

To reach this objective, the Company has initiated several safety assessments of its operations and has implemented several tools:
•an independent safety review comprising independent experts has submitted some 35 recommendations which have all been applied.
•the Trajectorie programme has accompanied the implementation of the recommendations submitted by the independent safety review as well as proposed, studied and implemented numerous initiatives designed to improve flight safety: – a new flight analysis protocol with the creation of a new function, the gate keepers, implementation of systematic safety studies to assess the impact of any change project on safety, etc.
•the personal commitment of each member of the Executive Committee
•A flight safety committee within the Air France Board of Directors dedicated to studying flight safety issues and ensuring that appropriate action is taken to prevent accidents.

Aware that flight safety improvement also depends on cooperation between the different air transport players, Air France also participates in working groups including the IATA Safety Group, the Flight Safety Foundation or the European Commercial Safety Team.

Flight safety is a daily concern, and a permanent top priority for every staff member at Air France.


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