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Flight diverted, pilot locked out of cockpit


Co-pilot and trainee diverted flight and land safely

An Air India flight was diverted to a nearby airport and forced to land when the pilot returned from a toilet break to find himself locked out of the cockpit. When efforts to gain access to the cockpit failed, the Delhi-Bangalore flight was diverted to Bhopal Airport.
“The door had got jammed and all efforts to open the door, even from inside by the co-pilot, failed,” an Air India statement to the media said. “The co-pilot, after taking permission from ground control, diverted the flight to Bhopal and landed.”
A trainee pilot was also in the cockpit.
Meanwhile, Air India is investigating a separate incident in which the auto-pilot was accidentally switched off on a flight from Bangkok to Delhi on April 12. Media reports said the pilots were giving flying lessons to two flight attendants when the incident occurred, something the airline denies.
TTG Digital
[pictured: Air India One; photo by José Luis Celada Euba]


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