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Flight attendant “screams bloody murder”


American Airlines attendant has to be forcibly restrained

A flight attendant on an American Airlines plane had to be forcibly restrained after losing control and screaming that she bore no responsibility if the plane crashed. Her ranting over the public address system about the aircraft crashing caused general panic among passengers and children starting crying. The Chicago-bound plane was preparing for take-off at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport and had to return to the gate for the woman to be removed by police and FBI agents for psychiatric evaluation.
Later, arriving at Chicago O’Hare, passengers recounted the incident. The attendant had talked about technical problems with the plane, saying “Captain, I can’t be responsible for crashing this plane.” She also said she had lost friends in the September 11, 2001 attacks.
One passenger recalled: “She said she was bipolar, so we continued to hold her until police arrived.” Another said: “She was screaming bloody murder.”
[photo courtesy oneworld]


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