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Five of the best hiking trails in Sweden


Trails range from Padjelanta in the highlands to Skåneleden in the south

Long-distance hiking trails bring incoming tourists into contact with some of Europe’s most beautiful landscapes, including forests, lakes and mountains. The five best according to Sweden’s English-language publication The Local are: the 150 km Padjelanta trail in the north-west of the country, a natural and cultural experience in the “highlands” passes a number of summer Sami settlements and lands for reindeer grazing; the 440 km Kungsleden, or Royal Trail, beyond the Arctic Circle including a beautiful 80 km stretch between Saltoluokta and Kvikkjokk on the edge of Western Europe’s last wilderness Sarek National Park; the coastal Höga Kusten trail, which embraces the glacier-shaped Skuleskogen National Park with its ravines and canyons; Skåneleden in the south, including four trails totalling more than 1,000 km that take in deciduous forests and extensive birdlife; and, closer to Stockholm, the 400 km Upplandsleden, which winds past windmills and through pine forests where elk, deer and adders are plentiful.
The Local
[pictured: Traditional tents beside a reindeer-branding enclosure in a Sámi village; photo by Kate Kärrberg; copyright Kate Kärrberg/Johnér; courtesy Image Bank Sweden]


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