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Five must-visit cities for young travellers


The Charles Bridge in Prague is mentioned in every single tourist guide. It is, however, much more difficult to discover the “cool” places that are popular among locals. Here are a few tips!

Cool Prague: From Hipster Cafés to the Buzzing Riverbank
While Berlin has its Kreuzberg and Paris has the bohemian Montmartre, alternative life in Prague has lately been synonymous with Krymska Street in the Vrsovice district. It has many stylish cafes and art spaces such as Café V Lese. Its owner Ondrej Kobza is also trying to liven up Prague’s public space with various creative projects such as Street Pianos – there are several pianos scattered across Prague and you can sit down and play anytime you pass by.
On sunny days, the riverbank (commonly referred to as Naplavka) comes alive with crowds of locals, a theatre boat, cafes and bars, an open-air cinema or a farmers’ market. Another great tip to enjoy a relaxed afternoon is to visit some of Prague’s parks. In the Stromovka Park, one of Prague’s coolest parks, you can enjoy a barbecue, dance in its summer dance hall or just kick back on a comfortable deckchair and relax to the sounds of chill-out music.

Enter the Lives of Plzen’s Citizens with the Hidden City Smartphone App
This year, the West Bohemian city, famous for its beer, became the European Cultural Capital and it offers a rich program of entertainment for young people from all over the world. The coolest tips for activities include seeing a performance of contemporary circus, which merges acrobatics with visual art, or visiting the unconventional exposition in the Fresh Air Gallery. If you want to get to know the city from a different perspective, download the Hidden City app.

Modern Café and Bar Culture in Brno
Small cafés with a distinctive feel and a wide selection of food and drink have made the South Moravian city famous far beyond the borders of the Czech Republic. There is a new trend that has been flourishing in Brno in the recent years – original bars that focus on unique drinks and on quality in general. Don’t miss the “Bar, Which Does Not Exist”, inspired by clandestine speakeasy bars from the American prohibition era.
Their offer is being complemented by the Super Panda Cirkus bar, which started last summer. Its unique atmosphere will transfer you into a magical circus tent that is intended only for real connoisseurs.

Discover Alternative Spaces in the Industrial Ostrava
The energy and enthusiasm of young people can be also felt in the city of Ostrava, located in the northeast of the Czech Republic.
Ostrava has recently become famous abroad for its Colours of Ostrava festival, which takes place in the industrial setting of Dolni Vitkovice. The former mine structures of the Hlubina mine, which were still used by miners only a quarter-century ago, are currently turning into a new art centre. Soon there will be photographic, film-making, painting and video mapping studios, but also clubs and cinemas.

Olomouc: Film festival, small breweries and above all the traditional tvaruzky cheese
Can a historic city, full of tourist sites, be still cool? With its active student community, Olomouc is a proof that it can! What really stands out among its many successful projects is the largest European festival of films focusing on popular science, which has been held in Olomouc for the past 50 years – the Academia Film Olomouc. The festival presents renowned films by BBC, Discovery Channel or National Geographic.
You can spice up your trip to Olomouc by visiting the local small breweries. Do not forget to order the traditional Olomouc tvaruzky with your beer! The manufacture of this Czech soft-ripened cheese with a typical pungent scent dates back to 15th century. You can even buy it in Olomouc’s tourist information center in a unique vending machine.
Experience and share your stories from the cool Czech Republic with its unmistakable atmosphere. You can find more information about cool places in the Czech Republic at www.coolczechguide.cz, where you can also download a smartphone app.


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