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Five key trends in travel and tourism


Online agencies most popular in Switzerland and Ireland

Euromonitor International has released the 2014 edition of its Travel & Tourism Passport database. Among the many trends it uncovered, here are five.

Firstly, the United Arab Emirates has the highest concentration of luxury hotels, at 53%. Secondly, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport is still the busiest airport in the world, with 92 million passengers in 2013. Third, the Great Wall of China is the world’s most visited attraction, with 45 million visitors each year.

Online travel agencies are most popular in Switzerland and Ireland, with consumers spending over US$230 per capita in 2014.

Finally, Colombia and Brazil will receive the strongest increases in average outbound spend per trip at over US$50 per year.

Euromonitor International

[pictured: Mt Psiloritis, Switzerland]


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