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First Vanilla Islands cultural and gastronomic festival of the Comoros Islands


The tourism industry is searching for visitors to experience and discover authentic destinations. Islands of the Indian Ocean meet these aspirations. The Vanilla Island Tourism initiative has been working hard to let the world know about new opportunities and experiences.

What about experiencing the culture, taste and beaches of Comoros Islands?

Every member of the Vanilla Islands has created a unique event designed to showcase the culture and traditions of this beautiful exotic region of the world. Every such event is unique and puts not only the host, but the entire region on the spotlight.

After the international Carnival of Victoria in Seychelles, the liberté metises festival in Reunion Island, the tourism fair of Madagascar, the Kreol festival of Mauritius, the Comoros Islands have created its very first cultural and gastronomic festival.

During the two days, between August 27-28, on the Island of Anjouan, the National Tourism Board of Comoros will showcase a series of activities, workshops, traditional dances, gastronomic competitions, and cooking tastings representing all the Vanilla Islands. Tourists will discover the flavors of this unique melting pot of cultures.

The world-famous chef, Benn Haidari, born in Comoros, the guest star of the festival, will cook a special dinner for lucky participants.

Meet the Comoros, Madagascar, Maldives, Mayotte, Mauritius, Reunion Island, and the Seychelles on:




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