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First-ever Aerotropolis Conference & Exhibition coming to Dallas/Fort Worth area


Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) will serve as the host airport of the inaugural Aerotropolis Americas Conference and Exhibition (AACE), scheduled for October 29-31, 2013, at the Hyatt Regency DFW. DFW is a prime example of an “aerotropolis”, a concept which is taking hold internationally.

Conference sessions will be led by top airport executives, government officials, and business leaders who are directly engaged in aerotropolis initiatives in the Americas and around the world. Conference participants will hear panelists’ insights on the development of the aerotropolis concept and its impact on the growth and development of regions, cities and airports.

“Not so long ago, airports were built near cities, and roads connected one to the other. Today, air travel and expanding global business networks have changed that pattern of development,” said Jeff Fegan, DFW Airport Chief Executive Officer. “Cities are now effectively orbiting their airports such as DFW, which are becoming major facilitators of the fast-paced, internationally connected regional economy.”

Dallas-Fort Worth, the fourth largest and fastest-growing region in the United States, due in large part to DFW Airport and its access to the world as a global hub, is a case study in Aerotropolis: The Way We’ll Live Next, co-authored by John D. Kasarda, Ph.D., the leading developer of the aerotropolis concept who will chair the conference: “The DFW area is an exemplary aerotropolis in evolution with the airport driving and shaping business development around it and outward for many miles,” noted Kasarda.

The AACE provides a learning platform for real estate developers and professionals, planners who are active in airport development, economic development agencies, suppliers and solution providers, cargo and logistics operators and freight-forwarders, airport executives and managers, and others interested in development in and around airports.

The inaugural AACE event is bringing together a panel of mayors, including Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings, Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price, Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne and Mayor Michael Hancock of Denver, who will discuss regional collaboration in successful development and the challenges of engaging, aligning and managing numerous stakeholder interests. During this key session, participants will hear how regional entities have worked collaboratively to attract companies to their region.

A pre-conference master class with Dr. Kasarda is available for participants interested in an intensive learning opportunity. Participants can also register for an Aerotropolis Tour through DFW Airport and edge communities for a demonstration of this development concept.

For a full schedule of sessions or to register for the conference, visit the Aerotropolis Americas Conference&Exhibition website for information and details.


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