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First bike-share scheme in Caribbean


In Aruba, jump on a bike in one place, return it somewhere else
City bikes are not just for cities, as the first island in the Caribbean to introduce them is pointing out.
A new and easy accessible way to discover Aruba, a small but idyllic Dutch Caribbean island off the coast of Venezuela, is Green Bike Aruba, the Caribbean’s first bike-share system.
Cyclists can jump on a bike in one place and return it somewhere else. Users buy a pass at any of the bike stations and enter the code to release the bike.
There are 100 bikes and eight stations, including the cruise ship terminal, plazas, beaches and resorts.
In addition to accommodating tourists and casual users, the scheme also focuses on locals and long-term users with monthly and annual rates.
In related news, the island is gearing up for the Aruba Art Fair in September. Artists will be working ‘live’ in San Nicholas over three days, making it possible for visitors to get a close-up on sculptures and paintings taking shape.
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