Home News First airline to fly A320 with “sharklets”

First airline to fly A320 with “sharklets”


AirAsia will be first A320 operator with special wing tips

Airbus has announced at the Berlin Air Show this week that the Malaysia-based low-cost carrier AirAsia will be the world’s first airline to carry its new fuel-saving “sharklet” wing tips on an A320 aircraft. The turned up wing tips will be visible from December.
Airbus claims that sharklets will save around 4% on fuel costs. The manufacturer completed the first new-build A320 with the special wing tips in Toulouse in April, pledging it would enter service in the fourth quarter of 2012.
AirAsia is the biggest LCC in Asia. In 2011, it placed a record-breaking $18 billion order for 200 of Airbus’ fuel-saving A320neo aircraft. It is also reported to be close to a new deal to buy a further 100 A320s.
[image courtesy Airbus]


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