Home News Fire destroys 90 buildings in Norway villages

Fire destroys 90 buildings in Norway villages


Blaze strikes villages on the Sørnesset peninsular

Firefighting teams were still battling blazes on Tuesday night that have destroyed around 100 buildings in two villages in northern Norway. The fires struck the historic coastal villages of Hasvåg and Småværet on the Sørnesset peninsular, with strong winds fuelling the flames.

“It looks right now as if the fire has calmed down,” police spokesman Ulf Bertil Wiseth told the Norwegian broadcaster NRK.

“Fortunately the wind calmed down around the fire during the night. But the wind is still blowing steadily from the southeast and it might get stronger again, so we are still trying hard to extinguish the fire.”

Around 100 firefighters were tackling the blaze, which has destroyed some 90 buildings over an area of 15 square kilometres, with 33 residents evacuated. No one has been injured.

An unusually dry period, strong winds and intense cold freeze-drying the vegetation has increased the fire risk in this part of Norway.

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