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Finnmatkat: The most recent trends favour active holidays

A cosy hotel and relaxation at the pool are not enough to keep today’s travellers happy. They want to maintain their active lifestyle and also try new types of sports during their holidays.
Gone are the times when tourists were after a sunny beach and a nice restaurant. These days everyone wants to enjoy their long-awaited and well-earned holidays to the fullest.
Wellness services are another strong trend, and people often want to get more exercise on their holidays. For many, holidays are a way to boost their well-being in a comprehensive and varied way.
Active and competitive athletes require that hotels offer perfect training facilities, and holidays are often planned around hobbies.
We have been asked about the sizes and shapes of hotel pools, for example. Many seem to desire a full-length pool designed for proper lane swimming.
Holidays are for hobbies
Some of the most popular holiday activities are trekking, horse riding, scuba diving, and snorkelling. Trekking has always been a favourite in places like the Canary Islands and Madeira, and several excursions offer a taste of it too.
Bicycling and bicycle rental opportunities are also request a lot. In fact, bicycling is the best way to get to know the environment in many destinations.
One of the challenges for travel agencies is to keep up to date with new services offered at the destinations. We have to be certain the bicycle rental shop we recommend is actually still at the same street corner.
Active tourism is increasingly popular
Scuba diving and snorkelling are absolute holiday activity favourites, and many try them the first time on holiday. Customers often say that Egypt’s diving destinations are even better than those in Thailand.
Each year our customers have more questions about the  gym equipment at hotels because they want to carry on training while they are away from home. A couple of fitness machines in a small room is no longer sufficient, as customers expect hotel gyms to offer a full equipment setup.
We have lots of active families as customers, and it’s quite common for each family member to have a different hobby. In such cases, a holiday village or concept hotel could be the best option, as they often offer something for everyone.
Active travellers can also opt for package deals, as they offer the opportunity to see and experience a variety of things. These are also favoured by those travelling solo, since they can always find interesting things to see and do, as well as nice company to see and do it all with.
Active holidays are more popular than ever, and we are constantly looking for new destinations and hotels. Our range is constantly growing, so do check back soon!
Susanna Perikangas
After over 10 years in the travel sector, Susanna Perikangas now works at Finnmatkat sales and customer support services. During her career, she has noticed travellers becoming increasingly more independent and knowledgeable, which also adds some nice challenges to the travel agent’s work. Travel agents are needed to provide confirmation of any information the customers have found and tips not available elsewhere. Susanna’s own favourites are Greece or Mexico, as both allow her to combine activity with relaxation, without forgetting good food. She always carries a good book with her.


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