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Finnair starts employee consultations with cabin attendants


Finnair has today announced the company will start consultations on its plans to adjust its cabin service operations in Finland. The reduction need is a maximum of 120 man-years.

In addition, Finnair will consult with the personnel on potential temporary layoffs of a maximum of 90 days in the cabin service unit. Finnair has altogether 1700 cabin attendants working in Finland.

Less work at Finnair as Embraer traffic transfers to Flybe

 Finnair needs to start consultations with personnel regarding reductions and temporary lay-offs, as one third of its European traffic is planned to be transferred to Flybe Finland, which will result in less work being available for cabin attendants at Finnair.

 Finnair announced in May that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding on a business transfer of its Embraer 190 fleet and traffic to Flybe Finland. In connection with business transfers, personnel working in the transferring business by law transfers as well. Finnair will however offer employees the possibility to stay in Finnair regardless of the business transfer.

”We do not want to endanger the quality of our customer service by transferring personnel against their will, so we will propose transfers on a voluntary basis,” says Anssi Komulainen, who heads Finnair Customer Services.

 Finnair will propose to 120 Embraer-qualified cabin attendants that they would use their legal right to transfer to Flybe in connection with the business transfer and thus ensure the continuity of their employment.

”In case there are only few who want to transfer to Flybe, we have to start personnel negotiations on adjusting our cabin attendant personnel to our own traffic plan,” Anssi Komulainen says. Approximately one third of Finnair’s European traffic will be operated by Flybe once the cooperation starts in October.

 The plan for adjusting cabin service personnel comprises of temporary layoffs, pension arrangements and redundancies. The reduction need is 120 man years at its maximum. Possible temporary layoffs would be implemented during autumn 2012 and year 2013, and possible redundancies would be implemented earliest in January 2014. Details of the plans will be defined during the negotiations.

 Finnair announced on August 5, 2011 that it targets decreases in its annual costs of 140 million euros by 2014. Finnair has already announced that it:
• has chosen Swissport as its partner for  baggage and apron services
• is optimizing the size of its fleet in European air traffic, has discontinued the leases of four Airbus 320 series aircraft, and subleased five Embraer 170 aircraft
• has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with SR Technics on engine and component services
• seeks solutions to improve the profitability of its European traffic
• has improved its route planning and aircraft utilisation
• is streamlining its support functions as well as  marketing and distribution activities
• has initiated  numerous other savings measures throughout the company.

 More information: Finnair Media Desk, tel +358 9 818 4020, comms(at)finnair.com


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