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Finnair in cost-saving talks with cabin crew


Airline plans subcontracted cabin crew on some routes

Finnair is launching consultations with its cabin attendants on plans to use subcontracted cabin crew on its Barcelona and Madrid routes as well as on charter flights to the Canary Islands. These routes would be operated so that the cabin crew is based in Spain. In addition, Finnair plans to make changes in the composition of cabin crew so that a part of the crew on its New York route and on charter flights to Asia would be hired locally, in a similar way as on the airline’s scheduled Asian routes. If implemented, the plans could result in a reduction of around 100 cabin attendants from the Finnair workforce. The airline said in a statement that “the planned actions are a part of Finnair’s €140 million savings program aimed at restoring Finnair’s competitiveness and ensuring the company has a viable future”.
The reductions would be implemented with temporary layoffs during 2013 and possible redundancies would be implemented at the earliest in 2014, after protection from redundancies in the current collective labour agreement with cabin attendants ends.
“Using local cabin crew on our Spanish routes would be a natural way to decrease costs”, Anssi Komulainen, SVP for customer service, explained. “On these long routes, the crew has to stay overnight at the destination, which adds to hotel and daily allowance costs, among others. By having the cabin crew based in Spain on these routes, we could generate savings.”
Finnair employs around 1700 cabin attendants in Finland and about 300 in China, Japan, Thailand, India, South Korea and Singapore.
[pictured: Finnair cabin service; courtesy Finnair]


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