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Finnair CEO considers short-haul options


Finnair on lookout for new joint venture across Scandinavia

As previously reported, Finnair is considering new ways of operating its short-haul flights, options that include setting up a joint venture with a partner or outsourcing, as part of ongoing cost-saving measures. President and CEO Mika Vehviläinen now explains to ATW that the airline wants to “evaluate operating a separate company, a joint venture, for all short-haul flights. […] Either we [will] have our own fleet, or the partner will bring in the fleet. […] We hope to have something in place by summer.”
Managing the cost structure on European flights is Finnair’s biggest challenge, he added, and operating costs on European routes could be slashed by 20%-40%. “The complete European short-haul structure is changing,” he said. “We want to solve the cost issue on the short haul, but also we want to expand. We are looking for a joint venture across Scandinavia.”


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